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HP Photosmart Premium Wireless All-in-one Color Inkjet Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner introduced 2009.

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Fehler Tintensystem 0xc19a0020

auch nach Tausch der Patronen und des Druckkopfes immer diese Fehlermeldung

Fehler Tintensystem 0xc19a0020

Even after replacing the cartridges and print head, I still get this error message Fehler Tintensystem 0xc19a0020
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This is generally due to waste ink breaking the connection to the printer in my experience caused by a horrible design where there's no means to stop ink from getting back there. I had fixed this a few times in my teens out of need when I had to deal with the problem. I even fixed one again for the linked guide to fix the photos because I pulled it from someone's moving trash since it needed ink bc my dad bought a laser (granted it was 3rd party, but it predated their hard offensive garbage like HP DS and HP+). He had some leftover compatible ink he gave me, so I had nothing to lose to keep a color printer around until color lasers became reasonably priced. If that error doesn't clear up, it needs a replacement printhead, or the printer is bad. Unless you can find a good used cleaned head that the seller can prove has NO ISSUES with permanent nozzle clogging or other electrical issues given these are 10+-year-old heads, it's probably time to move on if you can't fix it with this method. It's not you; with HP, it's either as much as the freaking printer or it becomes NLA after 3-5 years. Inkjet printers are disposable and just serve as a way to sell you ink.
I don't freaking care if it's a "business inkjet"; they just put bigger carts in, and a bigger waste ink pad inside (or made it user swappable like toner boxes and color lasers)! Lipstick on a pig unless you need it for your work.

Look for a good Brother, Canon, or a mid-spec Lexmark single-function monochrome (B/W) laser unless you need color 24/7. For scanning a dedicated scanner and laser split into a non-integrated setup is more reliable if you can fit it into your space, it is better long term but you lose the integrated copy feature and need to scan and then print. That's your call but I've done it that way for years and I've been happier with standalone lasers alongside a dedicated scanner.

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