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The fourth-generation RAV4 was released in 2012 for the 2013 model year and was a complete redesign of the RAV4. It is known as the XA40 line.

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Ac passenger side blowing hot air

How can I fix the AC passenger side blowing hot air?

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You probably just need a recharge kit to refill the a/c, you can go to any local Walmart, or auto zone and buy a recharge kit. If it’s just one of the vents, you can prob pop the hood and follow the vent and see if there is a hole or blockage, sometimes birds and vermin like to build nests in car engine compartments, or remove the vent and see if paper or something is stuck in it. Your question does not have many specifics, like ; “do all the other vents blow cold air? Or if your vehicle has a warranty or if the vehicle was purchased used, if the vehicle is new you can take it to the dealership and get it fixed for free under warranty, if it was used same thing can apply. If you can provide more information I can give a better response. Thanks 😊

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