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What do I really need? What is broken in my headset?

It's a long story, but not even Steam support helps me and sends me here.

Basically the audio on the left side of the headset disappeared completely, I swapped both speakers to see if it was a problem with the left speaker but no, I realized that it was already something internal to the headset, both speakers are fine.

I checked that if I press a little with my finger on the speaker arm the audio returns to normal but when I stop pressing it it disappears again, so I guess it could be something about the pins that don't contact well, I have no idea.

What is the part I need to repair it? I hope someone can help me, I haven't found anyone with the same problem.

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@alex70368 "if I press a little with my finger on the speaker arm the audio returns" is most likely a contact issue. Post some images of what yours look like. Use this guide Valve Index Headset linken Lautsprecher tauschen for the removal. Then check the pins on your speaker. Make sure they have the same length and make sure there is no corrosion, debris or other obstruction etc. Also check the contacts in the headphone. Take some well focused images of this and post those with your Question. That way we can see what you see.

Hopefully you will not have to replace anything but if you do, it better just be the Left speaker. Anything else will be pretty involved. Valve Index Headset Left Speaker

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Update (01/26/24)

@alex70368 I am actually agreeing with you. It is not the speaker but I do believe that it is the contacts. I do believe that they are either not reaching anymore or have some other issues. Those two pins make contact with the contacts in the headphone. As you tighten the speaker to the body, they need to connect with those contacts. That is the part that I believe is not happening based on this "press a little with my finger on the speaker arm the audio returns to normal " Now, check those contacts on the speaker side. Do they feel like there is a spring that pushes the contact out (which is suspect)?

Try this, but only if you are up to it. It will not harm your speaker. Take some aluminium foil and fold it over a couple of times until you have the thickness of only a few millimeters. Make two of those slightly smaller in size than the size of the opening for the contacts shown in step 2 picture 2 of the guide I mentioned above. One piece of aluminium for each contact. Now reattach your speaker. Not to tight but tight enough that you know it makes contact. Then try and see if it works. If done right you should now get the sound back. Let me know if this makes sense. I don't want to bore you with any technobabble :-)

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Valve Index Headset Left Speaker


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@oldturkey03 Thanks for the answer, and I'm sorry for not adding photos but really from the outside everything looks perfect.

I'm sure it's not a problem with the left speaker because I swapped them to see if it was a problem with the left one, I mean I changed the left speaker for the right one and the right one for the left one since steam support asked me to do it to check.

When I tried it, the audio on the left side kept failing, now the right speaker had no audio, it doesn't make much sense, that's why I say that both speakers are fine.


@oldturkey03 Thank you very much for your response and I'm sorry for the delay in mine, I've waited until I can have some free time in my day and I've tried your advice, some of the audio has recovered but when I tilt my head to the left the audio continues to be lost completely until I put my head facing forward again.

I guess I can't fix it completely, but something can be done, thanks again :)

I'm thinking that I should buy a replacement Valve Index headset head strap because I think that's what's wrong with the headset, I doubt it's something on the motherboard, right? Luckily that will fix it


@alex70368 it sounds like it's strictly with the contacts. Before replacing the complete headset, I would give a new speaker a chance.


had an kinda similair issue for me it was the entire left side of the headband that got loose making the left connection not being there at all, you could try to see if you can visually see if the left side is loose and if it is for me personally it got fixed by tightening the screw holding it in place

do hope that this might help


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