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The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ.

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How can I rest the anti lock theft system on my jeepgrandcherkee 2000

How can I rest the anti lock theft system on my jeepgrandcherkee 2000

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Start with the basics: Change the battery in your key fob. If it is not responding to the panic button (which is supposed to reset it if it's not a serious trigger), the battery may need to be replaced or the keyfob has failed. Chrysler does not have a DIY procedure on most of their vehicles, so you either need a programmer like this (not listed as being compatible with the 2000, but 2001 is listed) or you will need to get this done at a locksmith as long as it does not need a security code only the dealer has access to.

Apparently, It's somewhat common for these Jeeps to have issues with the anti-theft system when the battery is worn out; see about testing the battery. While a multimeter works as a preliminary test for really bad batteries, it is not a reliable benchmark. To properly test batteries, you need a battery test tool which can properly test it, and show what the condition of the battery really looks like. If you have not changed the battery, this is the cheapest thing you can try.

If the battery does not help, @mayer posted a reset for the immobilizer on a previous post about this issue: How to reset the anti theft system

If these do not work to reset the immobilizer, you will likely need to use a scan tool that resets the immobilizer and has high-level support. While you can buy these, they cost at a minimum, $200; unless you plan on doing your own repairs (or if you own cars that are expensive to get repaired at dealers and shops like German cars), the cost to buy one for a one-off tends to be cost prohibitive as the cost doesn't add up long term. If you do not repair your vehicle yourself, it may make more sense to pay someone to unlock the immobilizer for you, and check to make sure your key is not bad.

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I tried to find a better procedure short of using an expensive scan tool, but it looks like either it's a keyfob, key, 12V battery issue or it's so locked up that you need a high end scan tool like an Autel or the Chrysler OEM scan tool.


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