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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für Logitechs MX Keys Drahtlos-Tastatur

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Why did the backlight of my MX Keys stop working?

My Mx Keys has been functioning normally, except for the back light. All of a sudden, the keyboard no longer turns the back lights on.

The only lights being triggered correctly are the ones found on the upper left corner of the caps lock key and the three keys used for switching between devices.

If anyone can advise on what can be possibly done to check the problem with the backlight layer, please do.

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Hi @alimzahem

Check if the rechargeable battery voltage in the keyboard is OK i.e. 3.7V DC.

It may be that if the battery is starting to fail under load, it can't power everything like it used to.

Here's the Logitech MX Keys Akku Austausch guide that may help.

If the battery is faulty search online for 533-000177 to find suppliers that suit you best. (supplier examples only)

If the battery is OK has the keyboard gotten wet at all?

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Thanks @jayeff for your reply. I will try with the battery and see how it goes. Will update you soon.

And to answer your question, the keyboard never got wet.




The question was just in case, because water can cause strange things to happen to electronics especially if there is also power connected at the time they got wet.



But then, shouldn't connecting the keyboard to the laptop through a USB cable eliminates this theory as the keyboard is now being powered through cable and not using the battery?



Depends on how the circuit is configured.

Say the battery is failing then perhaps the power from the USB can't do both, charge a failing battery and also fully power the keyboard at the same time

The above check was only to see if it is faulty because if it is a fault in the keyboard then it may be difficult to find the problem as it depends on how the lights are connected to the controller i.e. visible copper traces/wires or if they're buried in the board as sometimes keyboards are "multi-layered" and not really designed with repair in mind.


Thanks for your input on the matter. So, I guess that if it is not a battery fault, it will be hard to find a replacement for the back light layer as there are no spare parts sold from Logitech. I tried to disassemble the keyboard and reached the back light layer, there were no wires visible, the layer was kind of plastic in all. None the less, I shall hope for this to be fixed with a battery replacement. Thanks again.


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