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Released November 1998, identified by model number HKT-3020.

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What type of cable is this?

About 15 years ago my Sega Dreamcast AV cable broke, I took it to a technician and after 2 weeks he found a new cable, however this cable is already damaged again, when I bought one on official and unofficial websites, none of the cables worked. When I looked closely at the types of cable they were different, and I can't find the same cable, can anyone help me identify this cable if it is at least from Sega Dramcast and where can I find it?

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@oldturkey03 First of all, thanks for the answer.

Second, let me give you more details, I live in Portugal, but the Dream Cast is from the USA, I already bought two cables, one through Aliexprese and the other through a reseller and both didn't work and were like this

Block Image

, the rest of my cable is herer, sorry for beem so dirty.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@robertopimentel not quite sure what you are asking. The end that plugs into your dreamcast is standard. You should be able to get a replacement AV cable at most Retro Game stores. The pinout of the console connector is known and you can check that on here The pinouts on the cable change only depending on your connections. We need to see the other end of your cable.

Update (02/17/24)

@robertopimentel you only have the RCA outputs, no S-Video etc. That is why your pins look different. You can get that cable from pretty much anyplace. You can also use one that has the S-Video as well as the composite connectors.

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