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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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boots, but no chime, no display and solid white led after cleaning fan

i took my laptop apart to clean the built up dust and debris on the fan/heatsink and now when i boot the laptop, all i get is a solid white front led which stays on, but gets brighter when i close the display, no boot chime and no display. the usb ports have power as a mouse led is on, but nothing else. i have tried the pram reset but no avail. i tried the smc reset and i guess that works since the key combinations seem to work but after that, nothing. there is no response from the keyboard aka no caps light when pressed. i have taken a flashlight to the screen to see if the backlight may have quit, but when i look closely at the screen with the light, there is nothing flashing on the display. if i take the ram out, it tones with a single tone saying that there is no ram present. i switch ram out to a different slot, same thing happens as stated above.

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This sounds like a logic board issue did you fully remove the logic board cleaning the thermal paste and refreshing it?

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nope, didnt remove the heatsink. and i put all the cables back where they belong but still same issue. even triple checked the cables in case i missed something


@thereddrag0n - What does the battery checker tell you? With the MagSafe charger connected and has either an Amber or Green cord LED, then press the battery checker on the side do you get 10 tiny LED lights? Are they static or blinking?


battery shows its charging. 4 green led's and the magsafe is green then turns orange when connected


@thereddrag0n - That was my hail-Mary😡

Time to carefully review the logic board and the connections for damage, it could just bad timing something failed.


i think so too. might just be time to retire the old 13" and get something bigger and maybe a little faster.


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