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Das 2020 Mainstream-Smartphone von Apple kam am 23. Oktober heraus und verfügt über ein 6,1" OLED Display und ein 12 MP Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in fünf verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 11.

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Wich degree should I go on my heat gun

Helloe Wich degree should i Go on iphone 12 back glas replacement? i have a YaoGong 8858 + Portable Intelligent Hot Air Gun

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@markus33990 I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one. I've only done two of those but I've learned from it. This is not an easy job and does require some good hand-eye coordination. It is not the setting on the heat gun that matters but that you get the glass hot enough to release the adhesive (60-100 max on the glass/iPhone back is about right). I like mine hot and set it high. Main thing is to keep it moving. Never hold it in one place for too long or you are going to run in trouble. You do not want the battery to expand etc. I use a thermometer on the areas where the glass has been removed. That gives me an idea about the temperature I have on the phone to release the adhesive. That works for me and it may not work for you. You will develop your own technique.

Keep the hot air moving and keep peeling away :-)

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Aah. i see i allways take apar the battery motherboard and cameras before i go on with the heat gun. but gonna trya what u say. i used 242 yeaterday it worked but it was to hot. gonna test 100 next thime and we will see. Thx


@markus33990 like I said, you will develop your own technique. We always must remember that just because a certain way of doing things will work for me, it may not work for you. Removing the parts as you do is definitely the way to do it. By doing that, you decrease your chances of "melting" some other components. Way to go. Repair is War on Entropy!


100 % brother!


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I would advise 60-110 degrees Celsius to soften adhesives. Be careful to not overheat components when operating at the upper quartile of the mentioned range.

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Aah. okok i used 210 and it worked nice. but i always take out motherboard cameras and so on. Before


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