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The ninth generation of Chevrolet Impala debuted for the 2006 model year. This generation of Impala was offered as a front wheel drive four door sedan, and was powered by a wide range of V6 engines. Production continued for fleet versions until 2016 under the name "Impala Limited".

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Driver side front window

Driver side front window won't go all the way up

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Potentially a broken hoist mechanism for the car window. Refer to year and model relevant owner's guide to find if it is described there.


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@cammyvonre52411 we will need to know your exact model year and if it is a two door coupe or a four door sedan. There are differences in the power window wiring. This is assuming that you are referring to power windows.

If this is just an issue of the window freely moving down and then back up just not going all the way up, then it is most likely a regulator assembly issue. To check the wiring and to work on the window regulator, use the Doors Manual Page 62 tells you how to test the power windows (just in case it is a motor issue) and Page 199 shows the removal/installation of the window regulator.

Once you have the trim off and can see the regulator, take a couple of pictures that show the regulator etc. and post those with your Question. That will allow us to see what you see. We can then try and help you to determine if you have to replace it or if it can be fixed.

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