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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Breaker tripping when work light is turned on.

My GE JVM6172SF1SS microwave trips the circuit breaker when the work light is turned on but seems to work fine other than that.

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Hi @mattgoodno

Having the wiring diagram for the oven would help to find the problem more easily (and safely¹)

The wiring diagram (aka mini manual) is GE part number 31-41086 but unfortunately I cannot locate a free download online for it.

Usually with GE products there's a service manual or wiring diagram, located somewhere in the appliance. Here is where to look for it in your microwave oven.

If it is not there then you can get a copy by contacting GE. (scroll to the bottom of the page)

It seems like there is a wiring problem or a problem with the lights themselves e.g. disconnect the power to the oven and then remove the work lights, reconnect the power to the oven and turn the lights on and check if the breaker trips or not.

The lights won't work of course, but if the breaker holds then it won't be a wiring problem but a problem with the lights themselves. If the breaker trips then it will be a wiring problem

¹ Be safety aware when working in microwave ovens. The HV capacitor in the oven can store >5000V DC for months, even if the power to the oven has been disconnected for this length of time. This amount of voltage can seriously injure you. The HV capacitor needs to be correctly discharged as soon as it can be accessed after the cover has been removed from the oven and before any further work is carried out in the oven

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