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Repair and additional information for the Samsung RFG298HD** refrigerator, a bottom freezer style model with both drawer and door access, and an in-built ice dispenser. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RFG298HD**.

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Neither of my dual icemakers make ice, unless test button is pushed

I have a side-by-side Samsung fridge. It is equipped with dual ice makers. Neither will make ice automatically but will if you hit test button. This behavior started on both at same time. Ice cubes are solid. Have gone through all resets and disconnected the fridge from power. Also checked waterline and get full volume through water dispenser. After reset, the water fills, but does not dump the ice until I reset it again sometime later.

More info … I had recently started to periodically turn lower ice maker off on door panel due to little use

Please help.

Update (04/05/24)

I thought I had sent reply, but I don’t see it so here it is.

Model: RFG298HDRS

Block Image

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Hi @marksimpso11212

What is the full model number of the refrigerator?


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Press the Energy Saver and Lighting buttons simultaneously for 8-12 seconds, (No sound when both buttons are pressed at the same time) until the display quits blinking and beeps, then release the buttons and read Fault Codes.

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Ok. Did this. When lights are all blinking filter light is red. No filter alarm on regular display. After letting go screen stays blank for about 45-50 seconds, then it beeps and returns to normal.

No error codes display.


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Hi @marksimpso11212

Here's the RFG298HD Fast Track troubleshooting guide, that may help.

What type of "reset" starts the ice makers working for a short while if that (filling freezing and dumping ice??), total power disconnect from the refrigerator or testing the ice makers?

I realize that you said the the ice makers worked when you test them but go through the procedure the ice makers perform as shown in the guide relating to both ice makers and check what they actually do "now" after a reset as opposed to what they should do.

Hopefully it isn't a control board problem. Perhaps check the voltages and signals on CN90 on the control board - see p.7 of the guide.

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