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Sony digital camera in the Cyber-shot series. Shoots 6 MP photos and is released in 2006.

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Lens is stuck halfway

My Sony DSC-H2 was working fine until recently. The word 'Access' appears when you start it up, indicating that there's a problem with extending the lens. The image is fuzzy and can't be focused. When I try to power it off, it tries about three times to retract the lens but then gives up and leaves the lens half out.

I've tried new batteries and a factory reset of the camera.

Any help appreciated.

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Tengo una de este tipo y le dieron un golpe y al encender el lente no trabaja no enfoca


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@randominion7494 your camera has a stuck lens. Try the tips fromthis site If none of that works, you may have to replace the lens. To work on it use this teardown Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2 Teardown and the Sony instructions right here DSC H2 Disassembly

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Thank you for your suggestion.


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