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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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Broke capacitor legs while repairing logic board, can it be saved?

During removal of bad caps a few spots had a leg of the capicitor break off inside the motherboard. There is not enough leg to grab onto. I have even cut them flush to the motherboard with nail clippers in a botched attempt to clear them.

I am using a radioshack (RS) 30 watt soldering iron and a RS 45 watt de-soldering (DS) iron.

I opened the other holes of excess solder by holding the hot de-soldering iron on the backside of the motherboard and pushing a small safety pin through from the frontside. This method was difficult and required some time and force. This was not effective at freeing the broken legs.

What are my alternatives?

Is there a way to use these blocked holes as is?

I believe the equipment I have used is may be too low in wattage and made my work more difficult than necessary. Would a more powerful iron make it possible to clear the holes?

Should I put it under a drill press and try to drill them out?

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Thanks for the Answer Mayer....

I've drilled them out.


3 Holes total needed drilling.

1 hole had a portion of the hole clear, so getting the bit to stay centered was easy.

2 holes were filled with solder, flush to the surface on both sides. Because the bit was so small, when attempting to drill these two holes the bit would drift slightly causing imperfect holes.

I was able to get an ohm reading on all capacitor pads. Not sure if that means anything, but I'll take it as a positive.

The 20 1800 µF caps I bought for $5 (ebay) won't be here for another few weeks, but when I can get them in I'll let you know the outcome.


If you don't like the ones from eBay, go here: http://jimwarholic.com/2008/07/how-to-re...


The operation was a success! It was my first attempt at soldering a circuit board and although it wasn't a work of art, it did the trick. The computer runs great! Thanks for your help ifixit!


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Drill it out.

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