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The 3DR Iris Plus is a consumer-grade all-in-one autonomous aerial vehicle that runs on the Pixhawk autopilot system. The vehicle is equipped with a GoPro compatible auto-stabilizing gimbal.

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I need help putting this together.

I inherited this from a friend's wife. If I can sell it, I'll give her the proceeds. I have an old GoPro Hero 4, that I'm willing to sacrifice to sell the quad. I'm trying to figure out how to put this together, and I'm almost there, but I'm stuck:

There's a cable from the GoPro: one connector appears to be video-out, and the other appear to be power-in. They are unlabeled & unpolarized.

(1) The video-out connector can be plugged in 2 ways. How do I tell which way is correct? I'm sort of afraid to "just go for it" and try both ways, because I'm afraid of blowing out the video transmitter by reversing the connections. Does the GoPro output NTSC video? If so, that's only like a 1V p-p signal, and unlikely to blow anything out.

(2) I can't figure out where to plug in the power-in connector. Does this perhaps go to the gimbal controller board? That board's power pins ("+" and "-") are right next to each other, and not spaced 0.2" apart, like the connector is.

The few manuals that came with this don't seem to elaborate on this particular cable, like at all! I had to figure everything out.

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Hi @jeffkerner,

Have you checked out this user manual for the drone?

It appears that the battery is charged outside of the drone

Do you mean the ports on the GoPro Hero 4?

If so, according to the user manual for the camera, (see p.6), there's a mini HDMI port and a mini USB port in the camera.

The images of the port connectors are only to show that the ports are not reversible, i.e. the cables only go in one way!

Also being HDMI it is a digital video output signal so it doesn't matter whether the TV/monitor etc connected to the camera is designed for NTSC, PAL or SECAM it will work in any system.

To power the camera you connect it via a USB cable to a PC or to a USB charger.

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