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Demontage- und Installationsanleitungen für die meisten iPods, darunter iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano und Touch.

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Lost my password on iPod

hi mate i forgot my Ipod password and it would have been impossble to have used the Ipod could you some thing about.

chez thanks

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Please, provide us with the last four numbers and letters of the iPod serial number (you may find them printed on the unit), and/or the exact model of the device.


Which iPod is it? What have you tried? When do you get the error message?


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Plug it into the computer it was set up on and reset it.

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Since you never mentioned the iPod you have, I can't give specifics. I am assuming it's an older device and making the assumption it is an iPod Touch. This guide covers how to do a recovery mode restore to get the iPod working again. The procedure is interchangeable .

For clickwheel devices, refer to these instructions:

  • Plug the iPod into a computer.
  • Press and hold menu and the center button.
  • Wait for the screen to turn off.
  • When it gets to the Apple logo, hold the center and play/pause buttons in. This will put the iPod in Disk Mode, where it can be resored.

Please note both methods will erase all of your data.

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this might be able to help you

If you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row on your iphone, ipad , or ipod touch you’ll be locked out and you’ll see this message:

iPhone is disabled

iPad is disabled

iPod touch is disabled

Recovery method is the sure fire , quickest way to get back access to your ipad, but if you don’t have a back up file of your ipad then you will be going back to factory reset mode with recovery mode

i found this inforamtion online ..it might help .. More here

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