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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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Headphone Jack/Hold relacement gone wrong: Hold will not unstick.

So, I've had this iPod for a while now. The little stinker had a problem with the headphone jack, so I finally had ordered a new ribbon cable to replace it. Used the tutorial off of this site to figure out how to take it apart properly, and piece it back together. Go to turn it on, and it won't respond to the buttons. So, check the hold, make sure it's not on, make sure it's charged, the whole nine yards. Decide to take it back apart and make sure everything is correctly plugged in.

Now, I've looked online for quite a while, and forget calling apple for help, they'll help take your wallet. When I don't have the connection for the headphones clasped, I get only one speaker working, and the hold is off. When I get a feed going through both speakers, I get a permanent hold. I'm trying to figure out if I have a problem with the ribbon itself, or if the connection is faulty. The problem that existed before ONLY was with the headphone jack. The hold turned off and on without fault. I'm going to include a link to a picture that shows exactly what part of the mobo I'm speaking of with this ribbon.


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Sounds like the problem is with the headphone jack cable and not the logic board. In my experience the cable usually goes bad or gets a pinch or a short before the logic board goes bad.

iPod Video 30 GB Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Bild


iPod Video 30 GB Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


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I ordered one off of Ebay about two week ago for 4 bucks, with shipping. Got it in on the 21st of April. I don't use any of the fancy plastic tools Apple recommends you get to work on their products, since I have a family member that works building medical machines for a living, I just have their tools/advice (which is what lead me to believe that the chip you insert the ribbon into was the problem). If possible, before I go about buying another headphone/hold ribbon, would I be able to find a 3rd party company that fixes these?


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