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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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compatible parts/logicboard and HDD.

This is just to confirm what I think to be true but if anyone knows different...I bought a 5th gen(video) ipod as a bit of a break. It apparently didn't power on. Someone had been in there before me..So I pull it apart, reinsert battery cable and LCD/HDD and it powers on but no backlight on LCD. I couldn't get to the diagnostic mode but it would go into disk mode but then would not restore in itunes error 1434. The HDD never made sad and dying noises so I was a little confuddled. Tried erasing the HDD using disk utilities but got a "posix" error.After a small mishap with the LCD retaining flap I have pulled everything apart and looked at the part numbers. It would seem that the logicboard is for a 6th generation ipod classic. Now then, if everything else in this ipod is for the 5th gen (ie back/headphone/battery/LCD and HDD cable) and yet it seems to power/charge and be recognised in itunes is there

1) a way to use this board and somehow upgrade/update the HDD I have,( have seen OT03 answers about zip to USB adapters for other generation ipods but am not sure what I've seen for sale over here is what he has referred to? or whether this is simply something I can sort with a HDD flex for a 6th gen?)

2) should I just replace the logicboard with the correct one and create a new 6th gen?(I think option 2 is a bit expensive...?)

I guess also I'm asking which gen (5 or 6) would be the better one to go with.


Block Image

this is what I bought/thought was a 5th gen ipod..

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anyone know if there is any difference between all the dock connections? I know there are 19 and 30 pin, but I'm not finding anything for the 5G video but can find plenty for the 2G or 4G touch. As they all run off the same USB connection I'm thinking I can adapt this to fit the 5G...don't currently have any of these in the repair box to compare at present. Soldering isn't the problem but pin arrangement would be..


pollytintop, thank you for accepting my answer. The dock connectors are available , but pricey. Check on here http://www.ipodjuice.com/5th-gen-ipod-ch... It is actually cheaper to get a new logic board. I have a price request in to these fine people, but have not yet heard back http://www.lunacommerce.com/57-ipod-vide...

Most of the difference is the height from the logic board to the pin blade, which is needed due to the different depth of the different iPod models. The pinout has pretty much remained the same up the 4th gen touch.


I'm going to pull apart an old iphone 3G dock..I just need the plastic pin part really that the USB connects onto. It's going to be a bit of a bodge job I think but there should be a way out of this without buying the logicboard? If I can keep the old housing and put the new pin plate in then it should work. I'll let you know what happens...could be an absolute disaster!


bah humbug! tried to clip metal cover off dock pins-success. Next part went all very wrong...new logicboard it is then.


Sorry to hear that, nice try :-) How much will a new logicboard be with your VAT on it?


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pollytintop, the 6th gen logic board actually has 2 holes through the board, it does screw to the mid frame, which the 5th gen does not have. Also, the power management IC on the 6th gen is on the bottom left corner versus the top left for the 5th gen. For the USB-to-Zif I use this type http://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-IDE-1-8-ZI... The 6th gen uses a different display and the connector is offset, just a few millimeter but enough to give you trouble. Image 1 is a 5th gen logic board and image 2 a Classic(6th) gen. Personally I'd stick with the 5th gen. As for your error 1434, there are a few possibilities, like a drive previously formatted under windows now not being seen by a Mac, a password protection, as well as a bad drive. This is where the USB-to-Zif will come in handy :-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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I thought I had a variation when I found 2 screws near click wheel! Will delete my comment from the guide..all other part numbers match a 5g, logic boards are a little pricey here £40 on its own when a bad 5g is £20. May have to do a little thinking. Btw LCD is only out by a mm, real hard to notice and surprised it worked. Even the click wheel flex is wrong!


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