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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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Camera Screen Black (Nothing Happens)

I have just purchased a Bold 9700 and everything is in immaculate condition, except the camera does ..... nothing, just a complete black screen with the options at the bottom.

Any ideas?

new camera maybe?

Thanks in Advance!

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Thank you martin I will give this a go


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Try these steps, one of them will work for you.

1) Pull out the battery for 30 seconds and replace.

2) Go to Options - Security Options - Security Wipe, and wipe the phone.

3) Restore the OS, Connect your computer to desktop manager and click update.

4) Get a new Blackberry Camera Replacement, but be careful; i tried it once and it was very difficult, so if your not sure how to replace the camera, i think the best idea would be to go to a professional technician.

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+I think it's like a nokia camera and needs a special square shaped tool to pop the camera out..I'm sure there's a way round that though.


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