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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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Replacing a faulty speaker.

I can barely hear the person on the other end of the line as the audio is distorted coming out of the speaker. I assume this could be fixed with a new speaker. Is the possible?

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Alex, run your hardware test first. Options>Status, type "test," OK, BB key, Start. Select Handset Audio, scroll down and click on Run. If it passes, it's a software problem, not hardware. Check this forum for a posting by daloudin. It will tell you what to look for when you disassemble your phone because of speaker issues. Use this teardown to see if that is something that you could tackle. Hope this helps, good luck

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bold 9700 is actually run O/S 6.... Where do you find does test in it?

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