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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 was released March, 2008. It is the third camera in the TZ series, with a 3.0 inch viewing screen, 28-280 lens (10x optical zoom) and 9.1 megapixels. The TZ5 also has 720p HD video recording.

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What component to repair on flash PCB?

In flash mode, flash won't fire.

That means flash PCB can have problem or ?

Issue can be to disassemble flash PCB unit.

Problem is : where to use multimeter, what component to change and where top buy it...

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Flash's PCB problem maybe occured when i hit the camera on my leg..

I was trying to fix an message error "turn on, turn off" due to dust on the lens inside switch, because i did not want to dissassemble it to clean. I read this method on the internet, it helped but maybe i hit too hard!


The only way to see what is going on after "getting slapped" to hard' is by opening it up and take a look at the flash unit.


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Allainguillaume, there are a few possibilities. Check the capacitor, make sure it is not leaking or bulging. Check the flash unit itself to make sure that the light is working. There are two fuses on the Flash PCB, make sure that those are showing continuity with your multimeter. The flash unit replacement number is Vek0L84 and it is available at multiple places for around $20. Here are the instructions for the flash unit. Remember to discharge the flash capacitor.


1. Be sure to discharge the capacitor on FLASH PCB.

2. Be careful of the high voltage circuit on FLASH PCB when servicing.

[Discharging Procedure]

1. Refer to the disassemble procedure and remove the necessary parts/unit.

2. Put the insulation tube onto the lead part of Resistor (ERG5SJ102:1kΩ /5W). (an equivalent type of resistor may be used.)

3. Put the resistor between both terminals of capacitor on FLASH PCB for approx. 5 seconds.

4. After discharging confirm that the capacitor voltage is lower than 10V using a voltmeter.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

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