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iMac ist die All-In-One-Desktopcomputer-Serie von Apple.

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loud pop machine died

watching a streaming movie on Netflix when a very loud pop occured then machine died. I have no power now.

I have the iMac 24" model with a 2.16 GHz processor. I have to fix this. I can not afford another.

I guess it is the power supply but I really have no idea. Plus other bad things may have happened due to this loud pop.

Please send me in the right direction



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Those overheat like no other so I am guessing a bad capacitor on the board or the power supply.

These are not easy to open, but if you can get it open you will look for bulging or leaking capacitors. The power supply will require to do additional breakdown to open it up.

here is the teardown for your iMac.

iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 Repair

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