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How do I solder off metal bit on new Wii laser lens?

Block Image

What are the necessary steps and equipment needed to solder off the metal bit on a new Wii laser lens (RAF-3355)? Is it even necessary to solder or can the metal be removed some other way? Why does a new laser lens come with this metal bit if it will only have to be removed for the lens to function? What purpose does it serve?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am extremely inquisitive by nature.

Thanks In Advance,


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Can you post an image of the part that you have? I checked multiple manuals for the laser repair and can not determine which bracket you are referring to.


This is the laser lens that I received.


You can see in the pic where the seller indicates the bit that needs to be soldered off.


Should be a simple case of just desoldering. You may consider de-soldering braid


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Genese Williams, check this guide for the installation. I do not see anywhere that would require any soldering.....

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