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Mobile device repair, hardware reseller, digital design, and youth-driven life skills company.

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ZERODEGREES is a technology-driven company that values time and energy-- ours and yours. We focus on three simple services:

Free Technology Recyling (Apple Hardware - 2005 or Later, Windows PCs in Volume)

Device Repair/Data Services (iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Family, Chromebooks, and More)

Digital Design Services (Branding, Web Sites, Advertising, Video)

It is our goal to provide a streamlined process that ensures our clients are positioned to maximize their time the way they choose to. We also strive to do what we do with a GREAT ATTITUDE!

We believe in an energetic, positive, forward-thinking environment that promotes productivity! A traditional method of thinking is not in our DNA. We believe enthusiasm is the key to both personal and professional growth. We want to offer simple services to our clients and maximize the value of technology.

If you're looking for the traditional nine-to-five, clock-in and clock-out, work yourself until you're out of gas company, then we are not the company for you. We believe in time, energy and enthusiasm, and we believe it will resonate to our clients!

Values & Principles

OUR VALUES (in no particular order; they are all important)

SIMPLICITY. Provide our clients only what is necessary to achieve their goals.

ENTHUSIASM. Be contagious. Run on full and not on empty. Be an impact player.

TIME. It provides us the platform to live, love, share, connect, provide, and grow.

INTEGRITY. Doing the right thing by others is critical to human growth.

OWNERSHIP. Accountability is at the forefront of our success.

CHANGE. We believe it presents an opportunity to evolve into something greater.

COMMUNICATION. Listen. Practice empathy. Speak a language that can be felt.

MISTAKES. Those that push themselves make mistakes through effort. Push your limits.

WATER. We're not doctors, but we we're pretty sure H2O is pretty important.


To share both the rewards of growth and success with others so they too may grow.

To challenge conventional wisdom on a regular basis.

To pay it forward at least once per day.

We believe it is one's personal responsibility to remain a student of life.

We want to be the best at what we do.

We do not want to be common.

We strive to simplify for both ourselves and our clients.