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Es werden einige allgemeine Werkzeuge verwendet, um an diesem Gerät zu arbeiten. Du wirst nicht jedes Werkzeug für jeden Vorgang benötigen.

Troubleshooting ¶ 

To review common hardware problems, please see our Blackberry Bold 9000 Troubleshooting Guide

Identification and Background ¶ 

The Blackberry Bold model number can be found either underneath the battery, or by following these instructions:

  1. Select Options from the home screen menu
  2. Select About or Device (whichever appears) from this menu, then select About Device Versions. The model number will be shown.

The Blackberry Bold 9000 was introduced by RIM as the next model of Blackberry smartphone running the new OS 5.0 software. This newer model included improvements in processing power, graphics (twice the resolution of previous models), GPS navigation, and a 2.0 MP camera with flash. It also featured Bluetooth, WIFI, and 3G capability, with email and document editing software. The phone was shipped in both black and white.

The Bold 9000 was replaced in December of 2009 by the Blackberry Bold 9700, which featured an improved camera, higher color resolution, an optical trackpad, and OS 6.0 software. Unfortunately, the Blackberry Bold 9000 does not support the upgraded software.

Technical Specifications ¶ 

Dimensions ¶ 

  • Height: 4.48 in (114mm)
  • Width: 2.6 in (66mm)
  • Depth: 0.59 in (15mm)
  • Weight: 4.8 oz (136g)

Battery ¶ 

1500 mAHR removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Talk time: Up to 4.3 hours (GSM or UMTS)
  • Standby time: Up to 13.5 days / 324 hours (GSM), up to 11.5 days / 276 hours (UMTS)
  • Music playback time: Up to 12.8 hours

Memory ¶ 

  • 128 MB
  • 1 GB internal media memory
  • MicrosD card expandable memory

Camera ¶ 

  • 2.0 MP w/ flash
  • 3x digital zoom
  • Video recording

Display ¶ 

  • Half VGA 480x320 pixel color
  • Light sensitive screen
  • User-selectable font size

Audio ¶ 

  • 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • Built-in speakerphone

Supported Formats ¶ 

  • Audio:MP3, MIDI, AMR-NB, AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+, WMA
  • Video: MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.263, WMV

Features ¶ 

  • Trackball
  • Keyboard backlight
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • GPS and Blackberry Maps
  • WIFI

Additional Information ¶ 

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