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For information regarding troubleshooting the Canon Selphy CP1200, visit Canon Selphy CP1200 Troubleshooting.

Background and Identification

This piece of hardware was released on January 5, 2016. The Canon Selphy CP1200 prints Card Size (2.1" x 3.4"), Postcard (3.9" x 5.8"), L Size (3.5" x 4.7") , Square Label (2.0" x 2.0"). 54 prints can be made on a single charge. There is a dedicated WIFI button on the machine. Airprint is enabled on this model. The device connections include WIFI, USB card slots, USB flash memory and Pictbridge. It also features ID photoprint. Selphy has the ability to add a protective clear coat to printed pictures .It does appear that there was a manufacturer recall. There is evidence to support that a recall did happen but anyone reporting an exact account are undocumented. However on the Canon website there is evidence to support a recall.

Selphy's physical dimensions are 7.1"W x 5.4"D x 2.5"H. The device can identified by it's alarm clock appearance. There is a logo mark in the top right of the machine displaying "Selphy CP1200". The device came in two colors black and white. On the top of the machine there is a small 2.7” Tilt-up LCD Display screen. The front of the printer is a shield that protects from dust particles. On the back are ports for charging, USB interfaces and Pictbridge.

Additional Information

Canon Product Page

Printer User Guide

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