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The Cen-Tech Seven Function Digital Multimeter is an electronic device which measures AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, resistance, transistor (hFE), diode, and battery charge of other electronic devices. This Multimeter features an easy-to-read 3.5 inch digital LED reading screen, two test leads (one red and one black), an "on"/"off" switch, and a dial which allows users to select a mode of testing.

  • SKU: 90899
  • Automatic zero adjust
  • Data hold retains information after test
  • Resolution: 3-1/2
  • Power requirements: 9V battery
  • Frequency: 45 to 450 Hz
  • Backlit display: No
  • Batteries included: Yes
  • Display type: LCD
  • Number of functions: 7
  • Height: 1 in.
  • Length: 5 in.
  • Width: 2-11/16 in.
  • DC amps: 200mA/2000mA/20mA/10A
  • DC voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20/200/1000V
  • AC voltage: 200/750V
  • Resistance: 200/2000/20K/200K/2000K Ohm
  • Color: Red
  • Accessories included: two 24 in. test leads
  • Warranty: 90 days

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