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Background & Identification

The Fosera Scandle is a solar device created for providing energy and lighting. Fosera has been creating innovative solar technologies since its founding in 2011. According to Fosera, the Scandle uses LEDs with a luminescence rating compared to 15-35 Watt incandescent light bulbs while only using a fraction of the power. The unit can be connected in series with other Fosera products, such as the external hanging lantern which can be used to light open areas or the Fosera Radio. The energy stored in the on-board battery can also be used to power various mobile devices using the included power adapters. This unit can be easily mounted to provide ongoing use in a particular location. It is very user-friendly and will provide years of use.

The Fosera Scandle 200 differs from its 25/75 counterparts in respect to luminescence and storage capacity. Overall, all three units resemble each other closely. You will have to reference the packaging in order to identify which model you have, as there is not a model number printed on the device. A box should be filled in on the original packaging which states which model is included.

Technical Data

System Voltage - 3.25V

Capacity - 1400mAh

Luminescence - 140- 160lm

Hours of Operation - 4/70hrs (Bright/Dim)


For solutions to common problems with the Fosera Scandle 200, please proceed to Troubleshooting

Additional Information

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Fosera Scandle 200

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