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For help on any common issues, please check the troubleshooting page here.

Identification and Background

The IBM Thinkpad T43, model number 2668, is a strongly built laptop meant for note-taking and professional work. With features such as a cursor pointing stick, a CD disc drive, many FN function controls, and Bluetooth it is easy to see why this device was so popular when it came out on February 25, 2005. This laptop is the last in the T-series produced by IBM. This device was innovative in its time due to its increase in bus speed, enabling for faster speeds. With an Intel Pentium M 750 processor and a 14 inch screen, this device was cutting edge tech back during its release.

Nowadays, it is more common for the older generation due to its simplicity in its functionality. Still popular despite its age, time takes its toll and causes damage. Most of these common impairments can be fixed through the guides posted above.

Additional Information

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