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Background Information

Released in 2014, this Insignia DVD player comes in two units and is portable, but must be plugged in. Each unit can play DVDs, DVD±R/RW and CDs, has mounting straps, and has ports for AC adapters and headphones. The player has a stand for easy viewing. It was marketed as a trouble-free and reliable player. There's no battery, so it plugs into the cigarette lighter. Unlike other portable DVD players, it doesn't fold out like a laptop. The LCD screen takes up much of the body of the device, and the INSIGNIA name is displayed in the center, below the screen. When purchased new, it included:

2 pairs of headphones

A/V/DC cable, A/V cable

Mounting straps

Travel case

Owner's manual

Vehicle AC adapter

Additional Information

Insignia Product Page

Insignia User Guide PDF

Amazon Product Page

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