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For a list of common problems experience with the Insignia wireless bluetooth speaker please see our troubleshooting page at Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK-CM Troubleshooting.

Background and Identification

The Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK stereo is a lightweight portable stereo, at 1.3 pounds, with quality sound that stands 3.9” x 7.4” x 2.7”. The stereo came to market in February 2016. The Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK includes a 33-ft. wireless Bluetooth range that pairs with any Bluetooth compatible device. The devices battery can play music for up to 30-hours at moderate levels. The battery is rechargeable and the stereo contains USB device charging capabilities, as well as, an auxiliary input. The Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK stereo contains a built-in speakerphone for Bluetooth calling. The stereo is water resistant and comes in four different colors: Boysenberry – BY, Camo – CM, Caviar - C, Sodalite – SB.

Additional Information

For product specifications and features, Click Here.

For customer reviews and ratings, Click Here.

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