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Common Problems ¶ 

See our troubleshooting page for common problems.

Background and Identification of FE-170 ¶ 

The FE-170 was released in September 2006 originally for $150. It has a 3x optical zoom with a 3.1 maximum aperture. Images are displayable on the 2.5 inch LCD display in 154,000 pixels and are stored in an SD card or internal memory. Camera uses provided photography software when connected to a PC by a USB 2.0 cable.

This model was released at the same time as the FE-180. Although similar, they can be distinguished by a label on the front of the camera denoting either FE-170 or FE-180. The FE-180 is also slightly more compact with dimensions of 88x60.5x27.5mm compared to 90x62.5x30.5mm of the FE-170.

Additional Information ¶ 

CNET: FE-170 Specifications


Olympus: FE-170 Products

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