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Es werden einige allgemeine Werkzeuge verwendet, um an diesem Gerät zu arbeiten. Du wirst nicht jedes Werkzeug für jeden Vorgang benötigen.


For more information regarding PiPO Smart S1 troubleshooting issues, check out PiPo Smart S1 Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

PiPO Smart S1 is a 7-inch smart Android tablet manufactured by PiPO smart technologies. This device is identical to PiPO Smart S1 pro except for the pro having an A9 1.8 Core and supports a 4.2 Android operation system.

PiPO Smart S1 features latest Android operation “4.1 smart OS”, a Quad Core GPU for a great gaming experience, and a 5-touch display screen. It comes in a black 7-inch super thin case for easy handling. It was designed with a front camera

For video calls, a Wi-Fi wireless network, and a 3G card that allows you to be online anywhere and anytime. This device supports Flash and Html5 and also plays 1080P HD videos smoothly.

Additional Information

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