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If you're having difficulties with the SEGA Genesis Flashback, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

Note: This is NOT the page for the original SEGA Genesis. If you're looking for information on the original console released in 1989 by SEGA, you can find that page here.

The SEGA Genesis Flashback is a gaming console released in May of 2017 by AtGames, the same maker behind the Atari Flashback. You can differentiate it from the traditional SEGA Genesis by its smaller size, simpler buttons, and wireless controllers. The original SEGA Genesis logo has also been moved from its normal location below the cartridge slot to the top of the case, with an At Games logo taking its place. The SEGA Genesis Flashback can be identified by model number FB3680 found on the sticker located on the bottom of the device.

The SEGA Genesis Flashback brings all of the same games and features of the original SEGA Genesis into the 21st century. It features 2.4 GHz wireless controllers, high-definition graphics, and a smaller, lighter form factor. It boasts over 85 built-in games while allowing users to use their own Genesis cartridges and controllers via the cartridge and controller slots, respectively. Users can even rewind the games they are playing and save their progress directly to the console's hard drive rather than using older ROM technology.

AtGames's main products are Atari and SEGA licensed "flashback" consoles, which come preinstalled with original console-specific games. The SEGA Genesis Flashback is the third in AtGames's Genesis lineup and has about the same games as its predecessors. The new wireless controllers are what differentiate it from the original SEGA Genesis, adding a much-requested feature to a classic console.

Additional Information

You can find an instruction manual and full game list for the SEGA Genesis Flashback here.

AtGames also has a support FAQ located here.

An extensive and reputable review of the console's hardware, software, and games can be found here.

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