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The Sony RM-LVR1 is a live-view wrist mounted remote control for Sony’s action cam line. The RM-LVR1 is Wi-Fi/NFC enabled, waterproof, and shockproof. It has a color LCD screen and large buttons on the front for viewing and controlling your camera(s). The device lets you connect to multiple cameras and control each one. This device was the first action cam remote that came with a screen. The Sony RM-LVR1 has been out for about 4 years and is used for various type of activities. With an increase in video recording, this type of device will need supporting guides to help with issues users are experiencing. The device may be used under harsh environmental conditions, requiring replacement guides.

The Sony RM-LVR1 was released December 2013 and it was a step forward in the action cam industry. It features a 1.5 inch LCD display with an easy to use interface. The Sony RM-LVR1 lets you see and control your Sony Action Cam wirelessly. The RM-LVR1 is waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 3 meters or less. The device is 2.8L x 2.0W x 0.75H inches in size. It is colored black all around and there is a large recording button on the right of the LCD screen and up & down buttons on the left. It has a latch on the left side of the device to protect the charging port and reset button from water. The model number for the device can be found on the back of the device. The device rests on a black wristband accessory. There is a black rubber power button at the bottom and a menu button on top of the device. The Sony RM-LVR2 which is the second gen of the Sony RM-LVR1 look identical. The Sony RM-LVR1 does not have a dimple separating the up and down button visually, while the Sony RM-LVR1 does.

Known Failure Codes:

Error code on the LCD screen of the remote control and respective solutions are as follows:

Error Code: [01-01] [02-02]

Try to turn the camera off & on. Try to re-establish the Wi-Fi connection.

Error Code: [03-01] [03-02]

The camera may not be recognized or operation of the camera may not be possible for a while. Try to re-establish the Wi-Fi connection.

Error Code: [02-01]

Check that the memory card is correctly inserted into the camera.

Error Code: [05-02]

If [PRO] is set to [ON] (recording in XAVC S), a micro SDXC card is required for recording.

If you are experiencing problems with your Sony RM-LVR1, try referring our troubleshooting page.

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