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The Toshiba Encore WT8-A32 is a tablet that was released in November 2013. This device can be identified by the back bottom right corner of the tablet where it states that it is the Toshiba WT8. The only differences between the WT8-32 and WT8-64 is the storage and the WT8-32 is thinner.

The Toshiba WT8-A32 is a sleek black and silver tablet that has HDMI video output and dual cameras. It can be attached to a portable keyboard and comes with Windows 8.1 and is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10. It also comes with a free copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013, and Global Positioning System technology. It is also touchscreen with stereo speakers.

Toshiba Support Page

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Toshiba Encore Product Specifications

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