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Released in July of 2016, the Roomba 960 was designed to be the top of the line robot vacuum while also being an affordable option to the Roomba 980. As of 2016, there have been seven generations of Roomba units: the first-generation Original Series, the second-generation 400 & Discovery Series, the third-generation Professional & 500 Series, the fourth-generation 600 Series, the fifth-generation 700 Series, the sixth-generation 800 Series, and the seventh-generation 980 model.

It is circular in design, has three main buttons on the top and is mainly grey in color. The Roomba has a battery life of 75 minutes, WiFi connectivity, and is able to be controlled by the iRobot HOME App. The Roomba is integrated with iAdapt 2.0 Navigation technology with Visual Localization that enables it to navigate and clean an entire level of your home.

To deal with problems encountered with the Roomba 960 robot vacuum visit our troubleshooting page

Width -3.8 in

Depth-13.8 in

Height-3.6 in

Weight-8.6 lbs

Power Type-Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Technology-Lithium Ion

Full Charge Time-3 Hours

Operating Autonomy-75 min

Product Type-Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Type-General Purpose

Cleaner Type-Robotic

Cleaning Method-Dry

Dust Collection-Bagless

Filtration Levels Qty-3

Dust Capacity-0.2

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Roomba 960 Owners Manual

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