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Help Improve Help

Identify Documentation Needs

  1. Identify a documentation gap
  2. Create a wiki page for the help topic covering this documentation gap
    1. To create a wiki page:
    2. Copy this link into the address bar: Example Wiki Page
    3. Change "Page_Name" to a simple name that specifically describes the area that needs documentation. For example, if you think that there needs to be more information about flags something like About_Flags would work: http://www.ifixit.com/Wiki/About_Flags.
    4. Go to that wiki page and click on the "Create this article" link to start editing the page.
  3. Add the Documentation Needed flag to the wiki page by inserting [flag|docs needed] on the page.
    • More detailed information about specific flags is available here.
  4. That page will now show up in a search for that specific stub that will be continually monitored by admins.
    • Note: the newly added page will not show if there is also a Unpublished flag as well: [flag|private]
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