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Toast-R-Oven won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your Toast-R-Oven to turn on.

Check if the oven is plugged in

If it still does not turn on, your problem most likely lies in the power connection.

Check to See if the Red Light is On

If the red light is off while the device is plugged in, then the power unit is most likely faulty and may need repair or replacement

Feel if oven is warm

Even though the display is blank, the oven might still be on. If this is the case, your problem most likely lies in the display.

One of the toast/bake functions does not work

"If you are only able to perform one of the two functions for the oven."

Check to see if knob is intact

The knob might be turning but not fully registering to each of the settings. Try to feel for a definite click when changing settings.

Check to see if the internal temperature actually matches the display

If the temperature settings are not consistent with the factory default, the oven might have a problem with the thermostat.

See if both heating elements are working

If only one of the heating elements turns on, no matter the setting, then a replacement element will probably be needed.

Exterior parts are broken

"If certain exterior elements aren't functioning, you might have smaller problems then you think."

Door is loose

If the door does not close all the way the spring is likely broken or stretched, and you will need to replace the spring.

Black and Decker Toast R Oven Door Spring Mechanism Replacement

Front glass is cracked

If the glass panel on the front of toaster oven is cracked or broken you will need to remove it and get a replacement glass panel.

Black and Decker Toast R Oven Door Replacement

Knobs broken/don't stay on

Most likely your knobs are cracked so they no longer say on. If this is the case then you will likely have to buy replacement knobs and put them on (this should be an easy fix).

Black and Decker Toast R Oven Knobs Replacement

Food isn't being cooked to the proper extent

"If your food is always coming out undercooked or overcooked, there might be a few internal issues."

Timer isn't functioning properly

While the heating elements might be working well, if the timer isn't synchronized, your food will not turn out the same. An additional problem could be that the switch is malfunctioning.

Black and Decker Toast R Oven On/Off switch Replacement

Optimal temperature isn't being attained

For this problem either the heating elements need to be replaced or the thermostat needs to be calibrated.

Burning smell emanating from toaster

Food and crumbs built up in bottom of toaster

This smell is most likely due to food and crumbs and that have built up on the bottom of the toaster. The best way to eliminate the smell is to disassemble the casing and wash all the panels individually.

How to clean out a Black and Decker Toast R Oven

HOLDING both door firmly closed and HOLDING"on" button until it is lit

results in "on " button not remaining lit.

Yes, unit is plugged in. Yes, the obvious knobs have been altered to every conceivable position. Yes, the tab on the door is inserted in its slot properly. Even artificial depression of the mechanism which the door tab is to hold results in NO CHANGE in above problem. WHY will "on" button, which lights briefly when held NOT STAY ON?? How can this be fixed??


fkpaine - Antwort

Mine won't turn off. Turning it to off, it dings and then the knob springs past “off” directly to the “stay on" setting

Ian yarbrough - Antwort

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