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The battery is connected, but the speaker will not turn on.

The Bose SoundLink Color goes into a battery protection mode if it has not been used for fourteen days or more, in order to preserve the battery. To remedy this, connect the speaker to A/C power mode in order to reactivate the system.

Make sure the battery is fully charged and plugged into a working outlet before removing it from the A/C source. This will ensure the battery has an adequate charge to function.

It's recommended to use the power supply originally shipped with the speaker for better charging functionality.

It could just be that you have a bad battery and may need to replace it. You can access Bose SoundLink Color Battery Replacement Guide where you will receive step by step instructions to replace the battery.

Speaker and device show a Bluetooth connection, but there is no audio playing.

If there is no audio playing through the speaker, the volume on the speaker or device may be too low due to manual or automatic volume change. Check the speaker's volume setting and adjust accordingly. If there is still no audio, check to see if the device's audio is low or muted.

There may not be any audio playing because the device isn't paired correctly. Check to see if the speaker and the device are correctly paired via Bluetooth connection.

The speaker and the device will not pair correctly.

First, check to see if the speaker is running the latest software version. Go to: Bose Software Update Center to check if your speaker is up to date.

Second, if the speaker is up to date, preform a reset on the speaker and the device.

Third, make sure you are connecting to the correct device in the Bluetooth menu.

The speaker's Bluetooth has a limited range. When attempting to pair the device, make sure that it is within a 6 ft range of the speaker, and not in any pockets.

If there are many devices paired with the audio device, try to remove the other paired devices. The audio device may be attempting to pair with a different device.

When attempting to pair the speaker and the audio device, make sure to select the speaker in the audio device's Bluetooth menu. Be sure that the connection is confirmed.

Be certain that the Bluetooth device is turned on or enabled. To ensure that the speaker is discoverable, press the Bluetooth button until the indicator blinks blue.

The sound quality of the speaker isn't good.

Try disabling the Wi-Fi on your device and closing any nonessential apps running in the background, and then try testing the sound quality.

If the issue persists when using the auxiliary cord, the issue may be with the auxiliary cable. Make sure that you are using a 3.5 mm cord.

If the sound is distorted, try lowering the volume on your device and raising it on the speaker.

If the problem persists, you may need to replace one or more of your speakers.

You can access Bose SoundLink Color Speaker Replacement where you will receive step by step instructions to replace the speakers.

If nothing helps, try this:

- Plug soundlink in to wall charger

- Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds.

- Then, BEFORE releasing the play/pause button, unplug the charge cord from the unit.

- Release the button,

- Plug the unit back into the wall charger.

- Press the power button, and your unit should power on.

Jonas - Antwort

This worked!! What was wrong with the speaker?

Stephen Pruett -

Awesome! That manual reset worked perfectly! Thanks!

jtimm -

This worked!!!!

Lupe Lopez -

Thank you. Mine had all the symptoms of a bad battery not holding a charge anymore. Doing the manual reset proved that wrong. I would have found out the battery was fine when testing it after removing it from the unit, which would’ve meant a lot of wasted time. :)

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