Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Troubleshooting

This Troubleshooting page will help readers identify common problems with their Dragon Touch Y88X Plus. The page will also lead readers to the appropriate repair guide for the device components.

Sticky or missing Power button

  • Button doesn’t respond
  • Button can’t be pressed
  • Button is missing from device

The power button on the device is not responding or is missing.

Button Doesn’t Respond

If the power button does not respond, the button may be broken or disconnected. The button may need to be replaced.

Button Can’t be Pressed

When the power button can’t be pressed, there could potentially be something underneath the button, keeping it from being pressed. To fix this, you may need to remove the button, and make sure nothing is stuck below it. You may need to clean the area underneath the button. Once the area is sufficiently clean, put the button back into its original place.

Button is Missing from Device

If your device does not have a power button, replace it.

Sound doesn't work

mona moore - Antwort

the on and off switch was pushed into the tablet. Now the battery will show up to say its charging or charged but i can not turn the tablet on. I took it apart and the on and off switch fell off and the metal part i touched with a knife to see if it would turn on and the metal fell off. what do i do to fix it

tammywilliams22200074 - Antwort

Tablet will turn on and load but won't go past that. Keeps cycle back to the loading

kim Hatcher - Antwort

It come on ans stop at the dragon touch and the it. For hr. But that as fare as it will go.

Thomas j tolbert - Antwort

My daughters sound just stopped working. I did a reboot and still nothing.

Melissa Bismack - Antwort

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