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Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT Troubleshooting

Released in 2013. Model Number is 010-01061-02.

When I try to put my battery in place, my battery keeps falling out.

Make sure before you put your battery in that your clip is up. To see if your clip is up, test the clip by pushing down on it. You want your clip to pop back up. Then your battery is ready to be put it.

Make sure you have the right side facing the inward. Put the larger end of the battery at the top of the insert which is right below the speaker. Then push your battery all the way in. You should hear your battery click into place.

When I try to use my GPS, it will not turn on.

Battery life is limited so it won't last forever. Make sure before using the GPS that you have fully charged it. Then you will be able to properly use your GPS for your trip.

Another simple solution is to check your charger is working properly. Find another device that can use your GPS charger and try to charge it. If it is not charging that other device then your charger could be faulty. An easy solution is buying a new charger so you can use your GPS again.

If you have tried the two previous steps and your GPS is still not turning on, then it could be a faulty battery in your GPS. You can easily replace your battery.

The GPS does not have many components to it. If you have tried both of the previous steps and had no success then your motherboard could be faulty. You can easily replace it yourself.

When I am using my GPS, I can’t hear it.

Go to your GPS’ settings and make sure the volume is on. Then adjust the volume to one that is more audible. This should help you with your volume issues.

When putting your GPS in your car make sure that is it in a spot that isn’t surrounded by other objects. You don’t want other objects to be in the way of the speaker by either muffling it or blocking it out completely.If you are still have issues and are unable to hear the GPS, you may need to replace your speaker.

When I am using my GPS, the touchscreen is not responding at all.

Your GPS is a great piece of technology but it can't do a million things at once. If your GPS is not responding, give it a minute. It might need a minute to think and process your commands. Once is does your command then continue with the actions you wanted it to perform.

When your GPS is not responding, turn it off for about 2 minutes. Then power it back on and it should start responding.

Your LCD screen is pretty durable but sometimes they do become faulty especially the longer you have your GPS. If your GPS does not respond to your touch anymore then you need to replace your screen.

When I have my GPS plugged into my car to charge, it won’t charge.

When using a charger make sure all the parts are plugged in. So make sure that the charging end is firmly placed in the car charging port. Then make sure the cable is firmly plugged into the GPS.

If your GPS is not charging, your car charging cable may be no longer working. Inspect your cable to make sure there are no rips or tears. Rips and tears may lead to a defective cable. In either case, you will need to purchase a new car charging cable.

If the two previous steps have not fixed your GPS charging problem then it could be your car outlet itself. Try charging you GPS in another car to see. If your GPS charges in other cars then you will need to have your car outlet inspected because it may be faulty.

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