You press the power button and nothing shows on the screen.

Using the AC adapter for your tablet, charge the battery for at least 30 minutes before attempting to turn the tablet on again.

If charging the battery for at least 30 minutes is not effective, you may have a defective battery and need to get a replacement. See the HP Slate 7 Battery Replacement Guide to learn how to replace the battery.

The screen does not respond to any touch.

Hold the power button down for 10 - 20 seconds until you see the HP logo, then release.

If you touch the screen with your finger or a stylus, even with a hard reset, and the screen does not respond, your touchscreen may be defective. In this case, you will need to replace the screen by following the HP Slate 7 Screen Replacement Guide.

When you turn on the tablet or attempt to unlock it, a message appears informing you that the device is in "safe mode."

Sometimes a simple restart will get the tablet out of Safe Mode. To do this, simply hold the power button down, turn the device off, and then power your tablet back up.

In some cases, a certain procedure is needed in order to retrieve your tablet from Safe Mode. First, power down your device. Next, while holding the Volume UP, Volume DOWN, and power switches at the same time, wait for a text menu to appear. You can then choose "reboot device" from the text menu by using the volume switch to change options and the power button to confirm your selection.

If all else fails, it is possible that your tablet has a defective motherboard if you cannot get out of safe mode. Following the HP Slate 7 Motherboard Replacement Guide will teach you how to replace all software issues that may have caused the Operating System to quit functioning properly.

While using an app on your tablet, the screen locks up and does not allow you to make any selections or press the home button.

Press the power button down to lock your tablet, then press power button down again to unlock.

An application may use too much Random Access Memory (RAM) from the device, causing the tablet to become temporarily "frozen." Simply hold the power button down, turn the device off, then power your tablet back on.

After turning your tablet on or unlocking it, a screen pops up with a green robot and a red caution sign.

Press and hold the power button for more than eight seconds to begin the reset. After the tablet is completely turned off, press the power button again to turn tablet back on. If the error screen is no longer present, the device is functioning properly.

Being unable to clear the error message from the tablet's screen, you may need to perform a Factory Reset on the device.

To begin, turn the tablet off. Press and hold the Volume UP, Volume DOWN, and Power buttons at the same time. Once the HP logo appears on the screen, release the buttons and wait for the system recovery menu to appear.

Using the Volume buttons, highlight the "wipe data/factory reset" option and press the Power button to confirm your selection. A screen will appear asking for your confirmation of selection with a warning "this cannot be undone." Using the Volume buttons, highlight "Yes" and press the Power button the confirm selection.

A recovery screen will show the reset process status, you must wait for this process to complete itself. When a screen shows, stating the data wipe is complete, highlight and select the "reboot system now" option. Wait for your device to reboot to factory conditions and then begin using your tablet once again.

Screen does not rotate when the tablet is rotated.

Access the notification curtain by swiping down from the top of the screen. Locate and touch the screen rotation icon, featuring a lock encircled by arrows. This will unlock screen rotation and allow the screen to rotate when the tablet rotates. Exit the notification curtain by touching anywhere outside its perimeter on the screen.

If you have screen rotation enabled, and the screen still does not rotate, there may be an issue with the tablet's accelerometer, also known as the gyroscope. The accelerometer is located within the motherboard, so you will need to replace the motherboard.

When the correct charging cable is plugged into the tablet, there is no indication of the battery charging

It is possible that your charging cable may be defective. In that case, taking a trip to your nearest electronics store will get your charging back in order.

As a last resort, if a new cable does not work, then the charging port could be defective inside the tablet. Follow the HP Slate 7 Charging Port Replacement Guide to learn how to fix your tablet.

When playing any audio on your tablet, no sound comes from the two speakers at the bottom of the device.

If no sound is coming out of the speakers when trying to play audio, ensure the tablet is not on mute by pressing the UP Volume button on the upper right side of the HP Slate.

If you have un-muted your tablet, turned the volume levels up, and there is still no audio coming from the speakers, they may be defective. In this case, use the HP Slate 7 Speaker Replacement Guide to get your tablet playing your favorite beats once more.

What if Fast Boot Mode comes on pressing Power and Volume down button together instead of "wipe data/factory reset" option??

Mohit - Antwort

I can't use my front camera..there's no camera icon on the screen..I did reset it but it still not working..pls help me how to fix this..thank you and godbless

che balean - Antwort

my tablet not going on recovery mode

nadeemmuniruae - Antwort

Why My tablet in produtc mode ?

vilywen - Antwort

My slate 7 wont load up past hp logo got it for my daughters birthday an she cant use it heart broken she is gutted

casey - Antwort

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