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LG Chocolate will not Charge

If after your phone has been plugged in to the charger for a few hours, and it still won't turn on.

Dead Battery

The battery may have reached the end of its life. In this case, you will need to replace it. Follow our Installing LG Chocolate Battery Guide.

Broken Charger

The charger, although in one piece, may be broken internally. Try another charging cable to see if that solves your problem.

Wrong Charger

Make sure that the end of the charger will fit into the charging port of the Chocolate without needing excessive force.

Broken Charge Port

If the charging port is broken, you can access the motherboard using our Installing LG Chocolate Motherboard Guide.

Broken Screen

Your screen might have weird lines, not turn on, or have weird colors! You'll probably know that this is the problem if you've just dropped your phone, and it cracked!

Replace the LCD

Yep, pretty much only one thing you can do in this case: you've gotta take out the cracked LCD and install a shiny new one that you can buy online! Use our Installing LG Chocolate LCD Screen Guide. Good luck!

LG Chocolate is Frozen

Your phone won't respond to your touches or key presses no matter how long you wait.

Restart the Phone

This is going to be by far the most effective method. Restarting your phone is going to fix software problems a majority of the time. Restart your phone, and it'll most likely function as normal again.


There's a small chance that your mother board could have failed, either a random act, or maybe you dropped it. Either way, replace it using our Installing LG Chocolate Motherboard Guide.

Faulty Slider

You're having difficulty sliding your phone up and down.

Clean Slider Mechanism

If you need to, open up the phone to remove the Slider Mechanism using our Installing LG Chocolate Sliding Mechanism Guide. Instead of replacing it with a new one, try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip or microfiber cloth.

Replace the Slider

So looks like your slider went out on you, huh? Well, you'll have to remove the old broken one using our Installing LG Chocolate Sliding Mechanism Guide, and swap it out with a new one.

Won't Send or Receive Messages

This could be caused by a plethora of things! Could be your phone's radio, or possibly something on your carrier's end.

Reconnect to the Network

Or, in other words, try restarting your phone! There's a good chance this'll help you get up and running again.

Network Connection

So if you tried restarting and it didn't help you, try calling your carrier. There may a service outage, or scheduled maintenance.

Touch Pad is Unresponsive

Your front Touch buttons just won't seem to do what you want them to do?


Try a restart of your phone; the problem was most likely some sort of software glitch.


If you've restarted, and still it won't fix the problem, you might have to replace the Touch buttons panel. Use our Installing LG Chocolate Touch Buttons Guide.

Key Pad Malfunctioning


Try restarting your phone! Normally, that'll clear things up.


If you've tried restarting and it still doesn't fix your problem, you might want to try replacing the entire key pad. Follow our Installing LG Chocolate Keypad Guide.

Sound Problems


If your sound's coming out distorted, try a restart to see if it's a software problem.


If it's still not working, try to replace it, but be warned: you might have to solder some things!

Camera Malfunctioning

Cameras nowadays are really important, and to not have yours working is a big problem! Let's see what the possible solutions are:


Cameras are heavily reliant on software. Restart your phone to see if that'll fix the problem up.


If your reboot your phone and it still doesn't work right, you could try to replace your camera. Be warned though! You might have to solder some things.

Number Buttons won't work

Oh no, you can't send SMS text messages! Ok, this is a problem.

Clean that board out!

Use our Installing LG Chocolate Keypad Guide to get to the keypad and instead of replacing it, use some q-tips and rubbing alcohol to clean out all the components; make sure there isn't any dust clogging things up!

Keypad Replacement

If cleaning it out didn't actually help, seems like you'll have to replace it. Use our Installing LG Chocolate Keypad Guide.

My old chocolate phone by Verizon won't charge and/or turn on.

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