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Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Troubleshooting

Device powers on but gets stuck on the manufacturer's logo.

Over time batteries go dead even if they have not been used. Connect your device to a charger and try again.

Try to do a factory reset of the phone to eliminate any possible malicious software.

If the device was recently exposed to water do not continue trying to turn it on. Take the backplate off using this guide and place it in uncooked rice overnight to absorb the water. Reassemble the device and try again.

If the factory reset doesn't solve the issue, the problem likely stems from a faulty motherboard. Replace it with this guide.

Audio from the phone's speaker sounds distorted or no sound comes out at all.

Check if your phone was set to silent mode. If so, turn the volume up.

Debris inside the headphone jack or a faulty jack in general might cause the phone to think headphones are plugged in, therefore it won't emit sound through its speakers. Replace it with this guide.

If the headphone jack is in proper working condition and there's still no sounds the speaker itself can be the cause. Replace it with this guide.

Under normal operating conditions the device reaches abnormal temperatures.

If your phone has been in direct sunlight or another area that is unusually hot recently it can make the device hot. Place it in a cool area for a few minutes to allow it to cool down.

Many applications continue to run in the background even after you've closed them causing the device to work harder than expected and overheat as a result. Access your applications manager and forcibly shut down all of your background applications.

The battery could be damaged in some way causing it to generate too much heat which could damage the device. Consider replacing the battery using this guide.

The device doesn't get enough charge or doesn't charge at all.

Make sure the charger you are using is appropriate for the device and is working properly.

If the device doesn't register it is charging when plugged into a working charger the charging port at the bottom of the phone can be faulty. Replace it using this guide.

If the device registers that it is charging but it fails to charge, the battery could be faulty. Replace it using this guide.

When the device powers on the screen becomes blue and you're unable to use it.

There is some software on the phone causing it to malfunction. Try doing a factory reset to correct the issue.

The motherboard may have failed causing the device to not work. Replace it with this guide.

If the motherboard doesn't fix the issue it may the screen that has failed. Consider replacing it using this guide.

Failing to charge

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