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Monster DNA Troubleshooting

Released in 2012, Monster DNA headphones, model number is MH DNA ON WHT CA WW,

Sound Quality is Poor ¶ 

The sound quality diminished since the original purchase of the headphones.

One Speaker is Not Working ¶ 

First, check to see if anything is blocking the speaker. If that is not the case, there may be a loose internal wire, or the speaker may need to be replaced.

You can see the wire replacement guide here: Monster DNA Wire Replacement

You can see the speaker replacement guide here: Monster DNA Speaker Replacement

The Headphone Loses Audio Connection ¶ 

There is no audio or audio has stopped during playing.

Cord Connections ¶ 

Make sure both ends of the cord are connected properly. Try using the jack in the other earpiece of the headphones to find out which jack is having the issue. Also, try plugging the headphones into a different device to see if the headphones are the issue.

Sound From Audio Jack is Cracked or Distorted ¶ 

The audio is not what it is supposed to be.

A Faulty Audio Jack ¶ 

The jack may need a good cleaning. First, dip a ear swab into Isopropyl alcohol. Then, rub the inside of the jack with the ear swab gently. Do not forget to allow enough time for the jack to dry before using it.

Headphones Are Not Fitting Properly ¶ 

Are the headphones falling off your head, feeling awkward, or just looking bad?

Broken Headband or Other Plastic Parts ¶ 

Any broken physical plastic parts can cause the headphones to fit improperly or fall off. You will need to use some glue to bind the broken pieces back together. Make sure you use a glue that is suitable for plastics. Do not forget to follow the glue manufacturer's instructions.

Ear Cushions Falling Out ¶ 

Your headphones may be uncomfortable if one or both of the ear cushions have fell out from the earpiece. Use glue to follow the manufacturer's instructions first. The earpiece may need to be replaced if the above solution does not work.

You can see the ear cushion replacement guide here: Monster DNA Ear Cushion Replacement

I have the one cord headphones and the problem is I keep pulling them by accident and now my audio is alot lower and cant hear discord or skype

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