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Moto X Pure Edition Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify and solve most of your problems that you might be having with you Moto X Pure Edition. Released July 2015.

The phone will not power up.

Check to see if the power cord is plugged in. If it is make sure the light on the power brick is lit. If it is not then the Power Brick or power cord may be faulty. Consider replacing.

If the Power Brick is not faulty make sure it is connected to the phone. Also try a different charger cord to see if that is faulty. If the phone powers up but does not charge or if the phone only powers up when connected to the power brick then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide .

If the Power Brick is not faulty and is connected to the phone, yet nothing powers up then the Charging Port is faulty, try cleaning the port using canned air to blow into the port, a cotton swab to gently push dust out of the port, or use a needle wrapped in double sided tape to clear debris from the port.

If cleaning does not help, you need to replace the port.

No sound is heard when music is played through the phone's speakers.

An equalizer is a software or hardware filter that adjusts the loudness of specific frequencies and could be the cause of this. Equalizers can overcompensate for the loudness and frequency and end up doing more harm than good. To test it out, go to Settings > Sound & Notifications > Audio Effects and experiment with different equalizer settings. Another solution is go to the Play Music Settings, tap Equalizer and disable the audio effects. If the phone still wont play then the speaker may be faulty. To test the speaker, play music and notice if there is any sound.

A crackling sound is coming from the speaker when listening to various items on the device.

The cause of the crackling from the speaker could be due to the equalizer. To solve this problem, go to the Play Music Settings, tap Equalizer and disable the audio effects. If that doesn’t work, go into Settings> Sound & Notification> Audio Effect and change to a different setting in the equalizer.

If the speaker is still making a crackling noise, the software may need to be updated. To update the software go into Settings>About Phone> System Updates.

The phone will not let the user make selections requiring the use of the touchscreen because it does not respond to the user's input.

Make sure the screen is clean and free of any conductive materials like any metals. If the phone is enclosed with a case remove the case; the case may be putting pressure on the screen which makes it think the user is tapping there. If this does not work then the touchscreen is faulty. A hard restart could also be a solution. To do that, back up all data on the internal memory, from the Home screen, tap the Menu key, tap Settings, tap Backup & reset, tap Factory Data reset, tap Reset phone. The last option would be to replace the screen.

A slight screen flicker and static at the bottom of the screen when the Moto X Pure Edition is on.

The way to fix this is to open the Moto app and use the gear icon to toggle Moto Display on or off. Click Moto>touch icon in upper right corner> Touch Actions> and choose Approach For Moto Display> and click Turn On/Off.

This device has an option to choose what gesture will make the screen wake up. One could have a hand gesture so whenever a hand comes near the device, the screen will come on. This may cause a slight flicker if it is set off. The only solution to this would be to turn off the gestures under Settings> Moto Application> Gestures> On/Off.

There may also be a software glitch. Check in Settings>About phone> System Updates for a system update.

An incompatible app could cause the slight flicker or static at the bottom of the screen so the best way to test this is to boot the phone into safe mode. To do this, hold the Power Key until Power Off shows up. Then tap OK when it asks for Reboot To Safe Mode. If you have no flicker when restarting then it is most likely because of an app you installed and you should try uninstalling them one by one and restart the phone each time to see if the flicker is gone.

The Moto X Pure Edition does not focus well at close range and takes blurry photos.

This problem could be due to something being on the lens .The best way to fix this is to clean the lens with a wipe or cleaner. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution made for lenses. If the device still does not focus well or still takes blurry photos,use this guide to replace the front camera.

A software malfunction or outdated software could be causing the camera not to focus. The best way to fix this is to let Motorola know about your issue then wait for an update from them. To check for an update, go under Settings>About phone> System Updates. If there is not an update available, you may have better luck with a temporary camera app.

Device will not connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Poor connection could cause the device to have a hard time connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To re-establish connection, turn the device and router off for a couple of seconds and then see if the connection is re-established. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings>Power Saving and make sure it is turned off.

The device may not connect because there are too many users on one channel. If the primary channel is busy, switch to another option by using Wi-Fi Analyzer

A faulty connection between a vehicle and device could cause connection issues. For example, if you have been connected to vehicle previously with a different device, erasing the memory of that device from the car is a solution. Restarting the car is also a solution to Bluetooth not connecting. The car may be having issues of its own and in that case, the user needs to check the manual for the car and see how connections between the device and car work.

Previous pairings still listed for Bluetooth connections can take up space and limit the Bluetooth profiles still available to connect too which can cause poor connection. To delete old pairings, go to Settings>Bluetooth and delete all past pairings. After this, try setting them up again from scratch.

Make sure the system is up to date with the latest firmware and latest software. If this is out of date, it can cause connection issues because it is not the newest version. To check is the system is up to date, go to Settings>About Phone> System Updates.


Coloured vertical lines are appearing at the bottom of the screen of Moto X mobile set pure version . Now the length of the lines is increasing and it covers half of the screen. It darkens while viewing pic or video.

Patch blures if I use the mobile set continuously. If I keep the mobile set idle for 10 min. Lines darkens upto half of the screen

It is to inform you that there is no physical damage for this set.

I learnt that a patch has to be added to the software and software version need to be updated.

I have not received any software update for the past 10 months( since I purchased this phone)

You are hereby requested to send updated software version as early as possible



Jayanthi - Antwort


Kindly do the needful as early as possible



Jayanthi - Antwort

hello, my moto pure edition has damaged the reader sim card. Do you know how to fix it? And where i find the piece?


Juan Jose - Antwort

My speakerphone is not working but when I talk without it it's fine. What should I do?

Karyn Butler - Antwort

So, I cracked my screen rendering the top half unresponsive, bought a replacement LCD/ digitizer w frame and completed the repair. Now I'm experiencing a problem with the new screen showing what looks like a white flare coming from the top left & bottom right edges of the screen. I'm uncertain whether this is the result of the new screen being faulty or if it is something that I did wrong during the repair. I'm hesitant to open it up again and tinker with it without having any clue what the problem is. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Brad Radziej - Antwort

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