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Nokia 2610 Troubleshooting

Phone won't turn on

The phone does not show any light on the screen and does not respond when you press the red button.

Reset your phone

If you try to turn the phone on by pushing the red power button and it does not turn on, hold down the power button for 30 seconds to reset the phone.

Dead Battery

If your battery is dead, the phone may run on the charger, but not by the battery alone. After an hour of charging, if the phone does not work when unplugged, it is likely the battery is not holding charge and must be replaced.

Broken Power Button

Check the connection between the power button knub and the circuit board. If this is still a tight connection the circuit board may be fried, and will need to be replaced.

Screen failure

Cracked LCD Screen

If the LCD is visibly cracked, then you must replace the screen.

Screen shorting

Signs of screen shorting include sudden cutting out or failure to light up when the phone is on. Unfortunately this is usually a sign that the screen itself needs to be replaced.

The other problem could be that the circuit board shorted and it needs to be replaced.

Dead Circuit Board

The circuit board can fry and no longer interface with the screen, rendering it inoperable. This would mean that the circuit board would need to be replaced.

Buttons don't work

A button is pressed and the desired response is not achieved.

Buttons are stuck

The button simply isn't traveling to contact the sensor. Try pressing the buttons again, and harder. If that doesn't work, pop the front case and make sure that the buttons are in contact with the sensor and if not stuck to it, replace the the keypad.

Button is not connecting with sensor

If the buttons travel when pressed, but they don't connect to create the desired result. To fully check for this, you must open the case and check the sensor bumps on the back of the keypad. These bumps should be in contact with the sensors in order to work. Usually if this is the cause of the button failure, you must replace the keypad.

Circuit Board Failure

If the buttons do not work, even though they connect to the sensors, and the sensors have a clear connection to the circuit board, the board itself may not be working. This means that the next step would be to replace the circuit board.

Phone Won't Vibrate

Vibrator Motor Broke

If the phone does not vibrate when it is on the "vibrate" volume setting, then the vibrator motor must be replaced. The vibrator motor is soldered onto the back of the circuit board, and as such, the easiest way to replace it is to replace the circuit board.

No Sound is Coming Out of the Speaker

Blown Speaker

If no sound is coming out of the speaker when there should be, then the speaker needs to be replaced. The speaker is located behind the circuit board.

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