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Oregon Scientific Meep! 4.0 Will Not Turn On

No matter what you do, the Meep! will not turn on. Please consider the following possibilities.

Faulty Power Switch

When pressing the power switch, nothing happens. The circuit may not be properly attached to the motherboard or there may be debris blocking the switch, which does not allow it to properly reach the on position.

Shortened/Drained Battery Life

Attempt to charge the Meep! until it is 100% charged. If it still does not turn on, it could be a bad battery that can no longer power up. If the Meep! does turn on, but only lasts for a short period of time, the battery could be drained from being overcharged constantly. Oregon Scientific Meep! 4.0 Battery Replacement guide will help you with replacing the battery.

Photos Show Up Black

When you try and take a picture with the camera of your Meep! the screen appears all or mostly back.

Dirty Camera

When the camera application of the Meep! is opened, the screen is almost or completely black. Check to make sure that the camera isn’t blocked and is free of dirt or debris. Very gently, use a dry cloth to clean in and around the camera.

Broken Camera

You cleaned the camera of your Meep! and the screen is still black. This could mean that the camera is not functioning properly or is broken. In this case, the camera will have to be replaced.

Photos Fail to Upload to Computer

When trying to upload the photos from the Meep! to a computer, the photos fail to transfer over to the new device.

Faulty USB Port

Check to see that the USB port is free of debris before plugging a cable into it. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the area to clean any dust or debris.

Broken USB Cable

If the device does not respond when plugged in, check to see that the USB cable isn't torn or bent. Damage to the USB cable can cause performance issues. If this is the case, a new replacement cable should be purchased.

Screen is Unresponsive

Press the power button. If you are unable to see anything on your screen, the display on the device may need to be replaced.

Damaged Screen

This problem is simple to detect, if the screen is cracked, the Meep! might be on but will not provide any illustrations for you to see. It can be hazardous to use a device with a cracked screen. This guide will help you with replacing the screen.

Faulty Screen

The screen might be sensitive to touch. If overused, the screen will no longer respond when specific buttons are pressed. Sound will come out to detect the device is on but the screen is either black or frozen.

Device is Unresponsive

Screen is Frozen

If illustrations are present but not moving the unresponsive device may also be frozen. Check to see if the sound is working, if so, activate the reset button located on the back

of the device.

Motherboard is Broken

If the device is not responding to anything you do, the motherboard may be broken and will need to be replaced. This guide will help you replace your motherboard.

Device Does Not Register Voice Commands

You try talking to your Meep! but it doesn't seem to be hearing you.

Microphone is Broken

If the device is not registering your voice commands, make sure that nothing is blocking the microphone. If it is still not working, follow this guide to replace your microphone.

No Sound Comes from the Device

While using your Meep! no sound is coming from the device.

Speakers are Broken

After making sure that the device is not on mute, no matter how high you turn up the volume, no sound is being emitted from the device. In this case, the speakers could be broken and will need to be replaced. Use this guide to replace the speakers.

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