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The white casing on the device is cracked or otherwise damaged

Try super gluing the crack shut

Try filling the crack with super glue to keep it from spreading.

The housing is otherwise damaged

If the damage can be stopped with glue, apply it to the damage. If you do not want to use something so permanent, you can try using tape.

Housing Replacement

If glue is not a suitable solution, the housing may be replaced entirely. This can be completed by following this replacement guide.

Your player refuses to turn on or remain on

If the device won't power up, try charging it

Ensure the player is turned off, and is connected to the charger for at least 7 hours in order to make sure that the battery is FULLY charged. If after being fully charged, it still will not power on, you may need to replace the battery.

Battery Replacement

If player doesn't turn on after being fully charged, you may have a bad battery. Use this replacement guide to replace your battery.

Buttons do not respond when pressed

Buttons may be jammed

Try clearing out dust or particles around buttons with wipes or compressed air. You could try using a toothpick or other small pointed object to clear any excess debris.

Button Replacement

If buttons are not jammed, you may have to replace them. Use this replacement guide.

Your player will not produce quality sound

Try turning volume up/on

Ensure the volume wheel is rolled on and, if using headphones, make sure they are in working order.

If using headphones, ensure they are not broken

Try using headphones on a different device to make sure that the headphones are working properly. If the headphones are in working order your port may need to be replaced.

Speaker Replacement

If player still won't produce sound when not using headphones, you may need to replace the speakers. This can be done by using thisreplacement guide.

The disk keeps spinning, but not playing

Make sure the disk is not dirty or scratched

Use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe any debris from the disk.

Make sure it is not a problem with the disk

Try playing another disk in the player, if it will not play, then you may need to replace the disk drive.

Drive replacement

If the drive needs to be replaced, you can do that by following this replacement guide.

Video from cable is scrambled. Audio is worse.

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