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Dieses Wiki wurde von einem der Studenten unseres Bildungsprogramms erstellt. Es wurde nicht von iFixit Mitarbeitern überprüft.

RCA 10.1 RCT6203W46

16GB Qaud Core with CPU, Model Number: RCT6203W46, 10.1 inch

Device will not turn on

Tablet will not display anything when power button is pressed.

The battery has no charge

If the tablet does not turn on, most likely the battery has no charge. Plug the power adapter into an outlet and plug the the tablet into the power adapter. If the tablet still does not respond with a display, a new power adapter may be necessary. If a new power adapter does not charge the battery, a battery replacement is necessary.

Software bug

If the tablet is charged but still will not turn on, hold the power button and volume UP button. A menu named “Android System Recovery <e3>” will appear. Scroll through the menu using the volume buttons and select “wipe data/factory reset” using the power button. Note that any photos and downloaded apps will be removed.

Broken Screen

If the screen is cracked and want to replace it, go to Screen repair.

Frozen Screen

The screen shows no signs of activity and is unresponsive to screen touches.

Stalled Program

A running program may have encountered an error and has prevented inputs from being received and outputs being displayed. To fix this issue, press on the home icon to return to the home screen, then open the recent apps list to remove the program. If the home icon is not visible, that means the program is in fullscreen mode. Swipe down from the top of the screen or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the navigation buttons.

Operating System Error

This is a more severe version of the stalled program above. Instead of a program, the android operating system may be at fault. In this case, press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds to reset the tablet. If that remains unsuccessful, insert a paperclip into the reset hole located on the back of the tablet.

Touchscreen is slow or inaccurate

Tablet responds slowly or incorrectly to touchscreen inputs.

The screen is dirty

Wash and dry your hands. Wipe the screen using a lint-free cloth. If the screen has a stain, lightly dampen a portion of cloth and gently scrub the spot. Be sure to dry the screen and avoid getting moisture in any openings. If this does not work, replace or remove the screen protector.

Too many programs running

If the touch screen responds slowly, clear some RAM for the tablet by closing unused apps. This should increase the tablet’s response speed.

Software bug

Restart the tablet. This should clear any software issues.

Touchscreen needs recalibrated

Turn the tablet off. Boot into “Android System Recovery <e3>” by holding the volume UP button and power button simultaneously. Scroll using the volume buttons and select “reboot system now” using the power button. Place the tablet down and do not touch it. The tablet will automatically shut down. Restart it to see if calibration was effective.

Damaged digitizer

If no other solutions work, the digitizer may be damaged. Replace it using this guide.

Rear camera not recording properly during Skype calls

"The tablet will not display videos or images properly from the opposite side during Sype calls, video calls, or other camera displays."

Poor Wifi Connection

The most probable cause for the rear camera to record improperly is poor Internet connection. You may use a speed test app to check the results of your connectivity on Skype but to improve your connection, you will need to disconnect and reconnect to the Wifi. On your device, tap System Settings, Wireless & Networks, and Wi-Fi. Tap “Forget” on the network you’re connected to and reconnect.

Incompatibility with current Skype version

Make sure that your version is compatible with the Skype version that you have installed. Check Googleplay for more details. Make sure to update to the newest version of Skype. Otherwise, try to find the correct version for the tablet.

Wet or damaged lens

If you have a wet lens, you may need to use pressurized air to remove excess water. Another easy solution is to leave your tablet in a bag or container of rice overnight to absorb the moisture trapped inside. If the lens is broken or cracked, it will need to be replaced. You will need this guide to replace the rear camera.

Microphone not registering sound

"Tablet not registering sound input through microphone."

Remove obstructions

Make sure nothing is obstructing the reset/microphone opening, such as screen protectors and other tablet accessories or have it replaced.

Voice Search & Voice Action not turned on

To activate Voice Search & Voice Action, tap the microphone icon on the top left corner of the screen. Say “Google” and your tablet will analyze sound picked up by your tablet in intervals of a few seconds or less.

Third party application interference

Close or delete third party applications to minimize interference. To delete apps: Press & hold the icon until an “X” pops onto the screen, then drag the icon into it.

Bluetooth interference

Bluetooth may interfere with the microphone connection. Go to Settings → WIRELESS & NETWORKS → Bluetooth, and slide the Bluetooth to OFF.

Software malfunction

Perform an audio test with the voice recorder application, then playback the clip to test the audio. If the audio is not clear and you hear no sound at all then continue to Factory Data Reset. To perform Factory Data Reset: Go to Settings → BACK-UP & RESET → Set preferences for BACK-UP & RESTORE, AND PERSONAL DATA.

Network and Service Error Messages

"The tablet is unable to connect any WiFi hotspots"

Distance from Wireless Router

It may be that you are too far from any wireless routers. Move closer to the router you have chosen to receive a strong signal reading from your device. Signal strength can be seen at the top-right of the device and also in the device’s Settings.

Environmental Obstructions

Carefully examine your surroundings and take note of your location and the location of the wireless router. If you are in separate rooms then try to get into the same room as the router. Signals passing through walls are often weaker depending on the density of the wall. If you are underground and the router is aboveground, chances of getting a signal is quite slim. It is best to be on the same level as the wireless router.

Wi-Fi is not turned on

The device’s Wi-Fi may not be on at all. To turn on the device’s Wi-Fi, go to Settings and click on the Wi-Fi toggle at the top-left of the settings screen. The Wi-Fi toggle should now be blue and switched to the on state.

Wi-Fi is Password Protected

A Wi-Fi hotspot may have a password to protect others from connecting to it. To determine whether a Wi-Fi hotspot you connected to has password protection go to Settings and check the Wi-Fi icons. A password protected Wi-Fi hotspot has a lock next to its Wi-Fi icon and will prompt for a password when connecting to them. You must enter the correct password or the device will keep displaying network errors.

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